Workshop on 5G Mobile Communication System for Smart Factories (5G Smart Factories)


5th generation of mobile communication system (5G) is emerging as a disruptive technology across various vertical industries. In particular, in the field of industrial automation and manufacturing, 5G is believed to play a central role in realizing the vision of smart factories of the future, where a high level of programmability, flexibility and customization in the manufacturing is expected. 5G can transform the way manufacturing systems are realized and operated through providing real-time, reliable and secure communication services among the machines and their subsystems (a.k.a. Industrial IoT, and Industry 4.0).

The objective of this workshop is to bring together technical experts and researchers from industry and academia to discuss opportunities and challenges related to the realization and operation of 5G-enabled smart factories.
Topics of interests for this workshop include, but are not limited to:

• Novel use cases of 5G-enabled smart factories and corresponding requirements and KPIs going beyond current 5G standards
• Architectures, protocols and algorithms for 5G realizations in support of smart factory requirements
• Deployment models and operation models of 5G in industrial manufacturing environments
• Security and safety aspects of 5G-enabled smart factories
• Non-public (private) 5G networks for factory automation
• Coexistence of private and public 5G networks
• Integration of 5G into manufacturing IT system
• Integration with industrial Ethernet and TSN
• 5G-based timing and positioning in smart factories
• Standardization-relevant topics
• Evaluation results of relevant proof of concepts (PoCs) and lessons learned
• Radio propagation models in smart factories
• 5G Network management and automation optimized for smart manufacturing scenarios
• Analysis of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), Return of Investment (RoI) and corresponding business models


  • Ahmad Rostami, Robert Bosch GmbH, Germany,
  • Joachim Sachs, Ericsson AB, Sweden,
  • Dhruvin Patel, Ericsson GmbH, Germany,

Important Dates:

  • Paper Submission Deadline: 15 May 2020 (new and firm deadline)
  • Notification of Paper Result: 19 June 2020
  • Submission of Final Paper: 17 July 2020