Ognjen Dobrijevic, from ABB, participated at the IRACON final workshop on Jan 28th 2020, in Lovain-la-Neuve, Belgium.

Ognjen gave a 30 min talk for 100+ senior and junior experts in the wireless area, bringing up the specific requirements and peculiarities of industrial networks.

Title: Quo Vadis, Wireless: An Industrial Automation Perspective

Automation finds its application in different industries, such as power generation, mining and mineral processing industry, and manufacturing. Each of these industries puts forth a set of requirements on the supporting communication infrastructure in terms of, e.g., required performance and security. This talk will first review selected use cases from the industrial automation domain which benefit from the utilization of wireless communication. It will then present how performance-related and other requirements of these use cases are tackled by specific wireless communication technologies, with a focus on 5G.