5G-SMART aims to demonstrate, evaluate and validate 5G systems for new manufacturing application in 5G-enabled industry field trials.  Furthermore, the project aims to identify novel use cases, develop new 5G technology features and identify viable operator business models to drive future 5G standards and technology adaption in manufacturing ecosystem.

Seven detailed objectives of the project are listed below. These objectives are focused on 5G adoption in real-world manufacturing factory setup, new research concepts for future 5G standards relating to manufacturing applications, dissemination and business challenges for stakeholders and industry forums.

  • To demonstrate and evaluate 5G technologies and architecture capabilities for smart manufacturing use cases by validating related 5G KPIs defined in ITU/3GPP and 5G PPP as well as 5G support of concurrent usages of network resources by different vertical domains

  • To identify, assess and propose innovative advanced “industrial” 5G KPIs with more focus on industrial characteristics

  • To identify, assess and propose new 5G features targeting connected industries

  • To identify viable business models for 5G manufacturing use cases

  • To identify regulatory aspects with direct impact on the realization of 5G for smart manufacturing

  • To disseminate and exploit 5G-SMART outcomes and contribute to standards development organizations, regulatory forums (3GPP/ITU-T/IETF/ETSI), scientific and industrial domains

  • To contribute to the 5G Action plan for Europe, validating 5G capabilities (“phase 1” features) in real factory environments