The EU project 5G-SMART, led by Ericsson, is organizing a webinar on “5G and Industrial Robotics, Testbed Insights and Outlook” with Ognjen Dobrijevic (ABB), Pietro Falco (ABB), and Peter de Bruin (Ericsson) as presenters on 22 June, 2021 at 3 pm CEST with 90 minutes duration.

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Abstract: Industrial robotics in smart manufacturing is one of the areas where 5G is envisioned to play a major role. The increased use of mobile robots in combination with requirements on high reliability and low latency communication makes 5G a very interesting technology candidate. The webinar will showcase recent development done in the 5G-SMART project on use cases targeting collaborative industrial robotics. Insights to the 5G-ACIA endorsed robotics trial being setup in a smart factory in Kista will be provided including requirements, implementation aspects and benefits of 5G. In addition, the webinar also includes a panel of experts from ABB and Ericsson to discuss the future of robotics and cellular communication.

Other panellists in the webinar are Andreas Bihlmaier, Sebastian Elmgren, and Leefke Grosjean.