After the 5G-SMART project has been up and running for one year, we would like to take the opportunity to highlight the most significant achievements and news of the project so far.

In this issue, you will find out more about:

  • Milestones achieved
  • Published 5G-SMART deliverables
  • Upcoming events

First 5G-SMART Newsletter

5G-SMART aims at demonstrating how 5G can improve manufacturing through its work on industry field trials, business models and research concepts. Within three 5G-enabled industry field trials (located in Aachen, Kista and Reutlingen), 5G-SMART is demonstrating, evaluating, and validating 5G systems for manufacturing applications in real production environments.

In the first year of the project, 5G-SMART has succeeded in making a broad analysis of smart manufacturing use cases, investigating the definition and characteristics of the use cases to be trialed at the three different trial sites of the project, but as well taking a look at more future-looking use cases. The deliverable D1.1 summarizes the findings of 5G-SMART in this area including a detailed description of use cases and a requirements analysis. Furthermore, the project has made a thorough gap analysis between the state of the art and requirements of the smart manufacturing use cases, focusing on 5G features, such as integration of 5G with Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN), 5G end-to-end time synchronization and positioning. Results can be found in deliverable D5.1.

A milestone was reached, when finalizing the design of the 5G communication network deployment for all trial sites. At two of the trial sites, in Kista and Aachen, the 5G networks are already installed.

In this newsletter, we only give short insights into the project progress, the interested reader is referred to the intermediate project report, deliverable D7.2, for a more details.